The Asylum Route

It is very important to familiarize yourself with the process and laws surrounding the asylum route. 


Make sure the following docs are in place:

Valid Passports (min 5yr recommended)

Unabridged Birth Certificates

Valid Driver’s license (min 1yr)

Vaccination cards (if available)

Valid ID cards

If case numbers and documents are available pursuant to your circumstances it can strengthen your case.

It is recommended to have a sponsor in place.

A USA visa will be required.

These are things that you need to put in place yourself.

Asylum Claim

Legal entry into the USA via visa.

  • Important: people with dual citizenship will not qualify for asylum.
  • Asylum should be filed within a year of legal entry into the USA.
  • Please note that certain visas only allow for a 6 months legal stay.
  • File asylum application with supporting documents, which KRP can supply.
  • Asylum is based on personal events and you need to prove your fear of returning to South Africa with valid reasons. It is important to complete your application correctly, truthfully and completely. 
  • When applications are mailed, USCIS will notify you within a month if your application has been accepted.
  • Biometrics will be requested.
  • You are NOT allowed to accept employment for a  period of 180 days.
  • After your USCIS notification, the countdown to your EAD begins. After a period of a 150 days, you may apply for your EAD card (permission to work).
  • The waiting period will be another 30 days before your EAD card is issued.
  • With your EAD card, a social security number and driver’s license can be acquired.
  • Now you can start working. You can work legally anywhere you find employment.
  • The EAD card needs to be renewed every  1-2 years, depends on validity.
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