Please complete this form with as much information as possible. The more detailed the information the better we can understand the kind of sponsorship that you are able to offer.

Your private and sensitive information WILL NOT be shared with the sponsored family or with outside third parties. All sensitive information will be kept within the processes of King Resettlement Program and all volunteers/staff members working with these applications have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

The Program allows sponsors and sponsored families to choose each other and the sharing of private information is each person’s choice. You will be assigned a special login code that will give you access to families/individuals’ profiles seeking asylum for matching purposes. Basic information is revealed to give sponsors a helping hand to start communication with families whose status is ready or in process.

By completing and signing this form, you agree not to divulge any of the family’s information to any third party, and to with hold posting identifying photographs on social media or discuss the arrangement with the media.

The template is included with the submission response email.

Primary Contact Number

Email Address

Please give us more detail.

Any special requests from your side or specific family you would like to sponsor.




The “SPONSOR” agrees that their participation in sponsoring a family whether by means of a full sponsorship or a partial sponsorship is voluntary. Furthermore, the “SPONSOR” agrees to assume any risk associated with withholding certain or all personal information required by KING RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM for auditing and inspection purposes and according to the United States of America Human Trafficking and Slavery Laws. The “SPONSOR” releases KING RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM from any and all claims that may arise during the “SPONSOR’S” participation. Such releases are without limitation, and include attorneys’ fees, personal injury, property damage, and any other losses or damages suffered by the “SPONSOR.” The “SPONSOR” agrees to indemnify and hold KING RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM harmless against any and all claims of investigations into criminal activities such as human trafficking, slavery and loss or damage that may occur as a result.


The “SPONSOR” hereby warrants that they have had no prior convictions relating to human trafficking, slavery, assault, kidnapping, murder, the intent to murder, conspiracy to commit murder including but not limited to illegal narcotic convictions and that the “SPONSOR” is legally capable of participating in assisting a sponsored family.


KING RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM maintains the right to deny a “SPONSOR’S” application in sponsoring a family if they deem that participation would risk the wellbeing of the sponsored family. The “SPONSOR” has the right to cancel participation prior to this agreement.


This waiver agreement shall be governed by the laws of Texas, Florida and all other U.S. states. Any legal criminal proceeding related to the “SPONSOR’S” participation in sponsoring a family shall take place exclusively in courts located in the state of the offence.


The “SPONSOR” agrees that this waiver agreement shall remain in full force and effect without modification and that participation of a sponsored family is pursuant to the terms of this agreement.


Your answer

In cases where you and your family are able to offer accommodation, your information will be treated as highly confidential and will not be given out or sold to any third party. We value your services and will not, under any circumstances, jeopardize the working relationship between you the sponsor, and King Resettlement Program. All volunteers and/or employees of King Resettlement Program who have access to your information, have agreed to and voluntarily signed confidentiality agreements to protect your identity and all the information regarding your sponsorship position.

Volunteers specifically allocated for KRP might receive gift cards and/or other donations that may be family specific. With permission from the sponsor, the volunteer will forward it to the relevant address.

A “Good Faith Contract” between the sponsor and the sponsored family or the individual is recommended. A template is available on the downloadable version. King Resettlement Program would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution in this regard. We appreciate your willingness to provide assistance for families during an extremely volatile and frightening period in their lives.
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