Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

We are functioning and working with what we have. We rely on sponsors, donations and all parties involved to make this program a success.

We are currently only working with asylum seekers and there are specific procedures and rules involved.

We are continuously putting procedures in place to reach our ultimate goal.  We are learning as we move forward, and adjust according to the circumstances or as laws are altered and/or implemented. 

The costs is estimated as follows:

Passports and Birth Certificate: As determined by Home Affairs in SA – about R475pp
Visas: Depending on visa type go to: for more information
Airline Tickets: Depending on time of year, it ranges $1000 – $2000+ ( Incl 1-2 bags)

Basic Accommodation & Living Costs: $1000 – $3000 pp/pm. Without sponsors.

The ratio per person will be less when 2 or more people live together and share costs.
Living costs changes from state to state.

The moment asylum seekers receive their EAD cards; your permission to work, you will then be able to submit resumes and apply to enter the job market.

We hope to source companies who will be willing to assist in recruiting applicants (you) from our database.

The majority success stories began at the bottom and from extremely humble beginnings. Success is a choice and possible to achieve.

The foundation of success is structured on hard work, going above and beyond what is asked of you, and your willingness to do whatever is expected of you; even if it is of a physical nature.

It is important to adjust to the way things are done in America, as opposed to how things were done in South Africa.

A positive attitude almost certainly guarantees success and character approval which is an advantage in a country you are only a guest of.

Be prepared to begin at the bottom and before you know it, you will have your own success story to share.


We are currently undergoing fundraising efforts through various fundraising initiatives for donations and possible grants. When finances become available, we can in turn assist asylum seekers who are unable to raise funds on their own during the immigration process. We are continuously sourcing sponsors that will help support individuals or families until they are able to receive their employment authorization documents and who will then be able to sustain themselves. Our ultimate goal is to be in a position to have accommodation in place and available with the help of grants, donations and investments. Initial housing will be available for asylum seekers to live in temporarily and through the integration period. This we aim to do through a community we wish to set up until they have integrated into society here and can then move on independently.
We want to see each person, no matter what age, be able to resettle.
If you are still able to work and provide for youself and family, you will be fine.
If your children form part of the program and you are their dependant, you will be fine.
If you have other family and friends that can take responsibility, you will be fine.


Immigrants are not allowed to go on welfare, that’s why you need a financial sponsor if you cannot work yourself.
Here is a list of the most important documents to have, where applicable:
Valid Visas for all members
Passport for all member of all ages
Unabridge Birth Certificates for all members of all ages
Valid ID card/book
Valid Drivers’ Lisense
Vacination Cards if possible
Here is a list of good to haves:
All important personal documentation – medical etc.
Finances or access to finances
Important USCIS requirements:
Biometric and figerprints
Biographic Information
Clear Police Record-
ID Photos
Medical testing for transmitted deseases
Proof of Financial Standing or Sponsorship
Employment History
Marital Status & History – (Proof of Divorce where applicable)
Information of your children

General ‘Eligibility’ and for ‘Inadmissibility Grounds’ Information

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